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On October 22, 2014, in Business, Internet Marketing, SEM, by Clint

Google today announced the ability to use real time updates to build ads in the Google Adwords interface. Those bidding on search cpc or contextual display ads, can now adapt ads to full page context of either a search or webpage a visitor is currently viewing. Ads will now be able to use more emotional connections to reach your visitors. The capability really is state of the art and turns things on end once again for the competition. Ads can now have a keyword, time of day, or other defined text you choose to use. For example a line of text “Sale end in __ days, hurry here!” could be filled with the correct number of days. There’s more too!

Some of the benefits of using Ads with real time updates are;

Tailored messaging: Your ads are now capable of being custom tailored to the visitors search query or webpage being viewed.

Time-sensitive calls to action: The COUNTDOWN function allows the ability to relay the message time’s running out to take advantage of a sale or promotional opportunity.

Scalability: You can now allow a single text ad have to literally contain hundreds of variations, and show the most relevant variation to each new visitor!.

Reporting: And Google wisely has made is so the use of real time updates that happen when an ad is triggered will not reset the ad’s performance data. That’s great stuff!!

How it works.

Basically the system uses parameters (Think DKI = Dynamic Keyword Insertion) in the ads with parenthesis {}. The parameter is replaced by dynamic text when a search is done by someone and it triggers your ad to display. Another great feature is this words on both the Search Network and Display Network. True personalization is bound to skyrocket your conversions as well.

Customizers fill in your ad text using ad customizer data that you upload, the COUNTDOWN function, or both.

Customizer data can include anything you care to use. They work much like DKI which uses the {keyword:default text} parameter to place the keyword search query for insertion into your ad text. Ad customizers can insert any type of text at all.

If you are running a sale ad customizers can display certain discounts with certain products, for sales that change periodically, or that are limited to a specific time period. If you have a large inventory to manage ad dustomizers can use those brand-related keyword terms to display specific details about the product a visitor is searching for. Using ad customizes properly will give your visitors further security that you have what they’re looking for, as well as an incentive to buy it from you.

Read more here from Google.

OPM…Building your business with my money…..

Ok I hate to have to write this but I have to get it off my chest. OPM = Other People’s Money Great business concept, if you can get it done great for you but I am not OPM friendly.

No I am not going to spend my money promoting and building your business!!! 

I am not going to invest in your marketing and promotions with hopes of being paid sometime in the future. If I do enter into a partnership it is work, knowledge, and information that are my investment package, and you will sign a contract I will enforce legally, but that’s so rare you have a better chance of being smacked twice by lightening on the same day in two different hemispheres….

I get so many requests from webmasters and business owners who want me to rank their sites at the top of, for highly competitive keywords, and they will pay me after they see the results. This is great!! (lie)

I am not sure how people were even able to put together a website with thinking like this….I mean do they still believe in fairy tales?? The easter bunny and santa claus??

Ok so apparently there needs to be some education as to why no marketing professional is going to spend the $1,000.00s needed to promote your business.

Lets start with a relatively low amount of $1,000.00 needed to invest in your business.

This mysterious $1,000.00 has to come from somewhere...The money tree you think exists,… does not,… never has,… and never will!

So for me to make $1,000.00 profit to spend on your marketing, I need to earn this from client billings valued at $10,000.00 (10% Profit margins)

Now if I invest the entire $1,000.00 of my profit into your business, and I do not pay my bills and expenses, well soon I won’t have any money to invest in your business and your project will fail.

Once your project fails, you won’t have the money to continue to build your business.

Since you can’t build your business, you will not earn any profits, then you will not be able to meet your bills and expenses…

Don’t be another broke business, don’t ask marketing companies to finance your business…we are not banks either!!

Don’t get cable, get directv and don’t be a broke business trying to use my money…

Peace and find OPM somewhere else…



Building Business The Right Way

I see so many webmasters lost in how to build their business the right way. There is a wrong way and a right way to building your business. One of the wrong way’s is thinking it will happen overnight, that it will be free or that you will even succeed because in all reality unless you are blessed with the greatest luck in the world chances are you will not find success easily, quickly, or all by yourself.

Often times webmasters or business owners will come to me for help to build their business the right way, and with the thinking that their website is capable of helping them to meet success, whether via SEO, SEM, or other forms of Internet Marketing. However this is usually not the case at all. I still see black background….heavy flash based sites (flash has never and probably will never work). While they love their sites, they forget they are not the target visitor. I tell this to so many clients I am sure some of them hate me for it but……

“you are not the target customer….stop thinking about what you like, or want!!”


Maybe but at the same time it is the truth and as such I dish it out as best I can. I am here to make the bank account grow and nothing else. If you want to hire someone who will “yes” you to the sun and back then you are most definitely at the wrong location. In fact working with me may be your worse nightmare come true. I make demands, I argue, I push, I bang my head on my desk and probably will want to bang your head on my desk too. It’s just fair. You are the one who likes your site….

Needing to change your way of thinking and what you like is going to be the hardest thing about building your business the right way, but once you are able to listen, and consider ideas and knowledge developed over 100’s of sites and many many years, you soon will see success like some of my other clients, who learned to put up with me in order to help them make their bank account grow.

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